Alex Pandian Review

Alex Pandian is a typical commercial potboiler..Not that thats bad.But what makes this film stand out is that it tests your patience.Its not a big issue if the director doesn’t have brains,but the problem arises when he takes it for granted that viewers too don’t have any!

So now lets start with the story.Alex Pandian has a match box like story to say the least.The hero Alex Pandian(Karthi) is a crook who happens to kidnap the CM’s daughter(Anushka).In the process he falls in love with her,and how she helps reform him forms the rest of the story.

 Karthi’s in your face attitude makes u squirm at times.Anushka on the other hand has a blink and miss role in the role.The only saving grace in the movie is Santhanam,who brings the roof down with his antics and is ably supported by Lollu Sabha Manohar .But sadly their roles are restricted to the first half.

The treatment of the film is pretty much the same as the director’s earlier movies like Marudhamalai,Padikathavan and Mapillai. Suraj seem to think that he has hit upon a formula that safeguards his film from biting the box-office dust.But sadly it the same formula,that is becoming monotonous.As far as Devi Sri Prasad’s music is concerned,the lesser said the better.

On the whole,Alex Pandian is an Epic Disaster.It redefines Stupidity.Karthi with Alex Pandian joins the illustrious leage of Vishal and Bharat.

My Rating:0.5/5





Now…to those who wonder why the f*#k is Arnab Goswami trending on twitter??!It is this debate in which Mr.Goswami vociferously defended the Union Home Minister that has lead to him trending on twitter(He has been trending for almost a day while i write this post
Note:-vociferous in this context implies the act of bitching, moaning, bellyaching or complaining like a bitch-ass punk 😀 😀 

Those who have seen “The News Hour” on Times Now, might not need any introduction about him.And to those who don’t know him HE is the oracle the nation looks upto when they need answers to calamitous situations.He is the person to which every Indian is answerable!:P

And this debate in which the Chief Justice(read Arnab)chose to read two points that were struck off by the Madras High Court and conveniently ignored the other 27 points. Arnab Goswami to Swamy: Fuck the remaining 27 valid charges against PC,court rejected 2 charges & that is only important thing.(err…well he didnt word it that way though)has caused the uproar on twitter.Arnab Goswami & his idiosyncrasy held no bounds in this debate.We do know..that Arnab occupies all the 4 frames on tv..and doesnt let anyone finish..and this debate was no expection.Arnab Goswami was doing a great job of replicating Manish Tiwari on this very debate and this seemed to have pissed off the twitterati..He was the butt of all all jokes(err..he still the time i write this blog) on twitter. Here are some of the jibes aimed at Arnab Goswami that were let loose on twitter:-
@SimpooSir If Arnab Goswami and Dolly Bindra get married.. Their kid would be ze most advanced sound system ever built on ze planet, noe? ‏


@ArchanaDalmia #Rajinikanth once completed his sentence in an Arnab Goswami interview.


@SwatantraKumar Arnab Goswami to GOD – “It’s very rude to talk while I’m interrupting.”


@SimpooSir If you ever see a picture of Arnab Goswami with a closed mouth, that camera haz a good sutter speed and #YouKnowItsMadeInChina


Arnab Goswami was created to balance Manmohan Singh’s silence
And this is not the first time that he is trending ont twitter…He did trend for a day after his pow-wow with lalit modi where he did most of the answering and poor mr.lalit modi was left fuming after being used as a set property..
Hate him,love him,but you just can’t ignore him-thats Arnab Doorswami for you! 😛 😛

Prometheus Review

Another epic from Ridley Scott??
So First and foremost to all those wondering ..”What the f#*k is Prometheus supposed to mean?”..i did some googling and here’s the answer-Prometheus is a titan from Greek mythology and is worshiped by craftsmen.Prometheus stole fire from the god Zeus and gave it to mortals. As punishment for his sins, Zeus had him bound to a rock while an eagle ate his liver, only to have it grow back day after day to be eaten again..
 Now to the Review
When you know..that the movie is from the man who made Gladiator,Alien and Blade Runner,the expectations are bound to be sky high!NOW does the movie live to its expectations….i’d say a loud NOOOO!
The PREQUEL to Alien is set in the year 2089…The director tries hard to answer questions unexplained since the birth of humanity: Where do we come from? They made us but who made them? What is our purpose? What happens after we die? an so on..

The movie begins with a prologue set during Earth’s pre-history shows a human-like space alien anticipating Jesus Christ as he sacrifices himself for the civilization to come.Cut back to 2089 titular vessel Prometheus is carrying a team of scientists led by Elizabeth Shaw (Noomi Rapace from “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo”) and Charlie Holloway (Logan Marshall-Green) to find the roots to our civilization. The expedition is supervised by the Meredith Vickers (Charlize Theron), an official of Weyland Industries which funded the mission, and an android, David 8 (Michael Fassbender). The vessel is captained by the crusty Janek (Idris Elba). Prometheus lands and the scientists begin searching around.They stumble across a giant structure buried in the soil. Could this hold the key to mankind’s origins? What happens after that is a by-gone conclusion…and therein lies the problem with the film…. the egos of the corporation and the scientists clash and all hell breaks loose.Like the other films in the franchise..the scientists get killed one by one..

First let us take a look at positives for the movie,the casting of Noomi Rapace stands out..and she  performs her splendidly.But what works BIG TIME FOR the movie are the imagery and the 3D effects and a gripping first hal.The film is definitely an exciting experience for all us sci-fi fanboys and does deliver us some really good thrills.

On the down sidethe casting of Guy Pierce as the head of the Weyland Corporation doesnt work well…since he seems to be bobbed down by the heavy makeup.But that could be pardoned i presume.The film doesnt attempt to raise the religious and cosmological issuses.But what lets you down big time is the half baked second half which seems dis-jointed and action heavy.

But at the end of the day the movie isnt that bad a movie,it MIGHT NOT BE AN EPIC but it definitely WATCHABLE…
 +ves:Noomi Rapace,Cinematography and the “Wow” factor
-ves:second half,the hype,some life-less scenes
P.S.Do post if you agree or disagree with my review of Prometheus

Rowdy Rathore Review

How does the Rowdy fare?!
Writing this review almost a week after Rowdy Rathore has released.So i suppose most of you would have caught up with the flick!But im writing it none the less.
Before starting off with the review i must confess i have watched both the telugu aswell as the tamil versions,Ravi Teja’s Vikramarkudu and Karthi’s Siruthai respectively.

I suppose comparing the three wouldnt be of much use,as all three of them have their distinct style.But i would give Karthi a slight edge over the other two(But i maybe biased though):P
Rowdy Rathore starring Akshay Kumar , Sonakshi Sinha and directed by our desi-Michael Jackson(aka) Prabhu Deva packs quite a punch i must admit!Rowdy Rathore as most of us another remake from down south.And by and large most southern remakes have worked wonders(case in point gajini,wanted,singham).

Now back to the review. The story goes about like this…Shiva (Akshay Kumar), a small-time thief in Mumbai, falls in love with Priya (Sonakshi Sinha), a girl from Patna, who is in Mumbai to attend a marriage. Its love at first sight between the two. Shiva tells her the truth about him being a thief and resolves to give up crime forever.Enter a young girl called Chinki who thinks that Shiva is her father.Shiva is forced by circumstances to keep the girl.Shiva slowly starts loving the innocent child.Priya finds out about the girl and decides to leave for Patna.Shiva is heart-broken.All of a sudden a bunch of goons start chasing him and the girl…and another Akshay(Vikram Rathore) steps in to save them and ends up giving his life for the same.
Cut back to the past.Vikram Rathore (Akshay) is a brave and honest cop who wages war against the evil ganglord (Nasser) of the village(Now where have we heard that before??:P)
Now here..comes the twist in the tale…Shiva needs to take up the place of the slain Vikram Singh and what happens next for you to guess(or rather watch..but i suppose its easier to guess).

So What Works For The Rowdy??
ONE WORD-AKSHAY..He makes you laugh with his comic timing and eccentric mannerisms and as Vikram Rathore, he is quite the honest cop.He he is able to carry out both the roles well .Sonakshi Sinha, as Priya, is alright and does what is required of her.Kareena Kapoor apperars in abrief cameo.And also does Tamil superstar Vijay.Prabhu Deva’s narrative is good as he is able to sustain the pace throughout the movie..and keeps you glued to your seat(i know thats a cliche that ud find with most review..but il use it just the same :P)

What might not Work??

The mindless action might not work with a few people and defies logic is most places(but don’t most action flicks defie logic) .And some dialogues,might make you squirm.The movie will also disappoint those..who were expecting a film on lines of the ones made by Sanjay Leela Bhansali(the film is produced by him).

This Rowdy is sheer entertainment and promises to be a paisa vasool

P.S.Do leave your would be most appreciated

TOP 10 ANDROID APPS for the indian market

ANDROID has taken the world by storm.And as we know,apps are the lifeline of android.Now we take a look at the apps that are best suited for the indian market

1.The Times of India App

 The Times of India is by far India’s largest newspaper.And their Android app too packs quite a punch.It gives you news about various stuff thats happening in the nation,around the globe,in sports,in business and even in your city

2.NDTV App

.Here’s another news app.NDTV is India’s premier news broadcaster.This App gives you up-to-date information on the news on the go.Highly recommended.

3.PVR app:

This app is for all the movie buffs out there.The unique feature of this app,is that it lets,u book the seats..and pay later.Most multiplex-apps don’t have this option yet.Ul have to appear at the box-office an hour before to collect the tickets.There is also the traditional credit-card payment option too

4.Book My Show App:

Here’s another movie app.This app unlike the PVR app happens to cover a wide array of theatres .A pretty handy app to book tickets on the go.

5.Money Control:

This app is for all those people having an hard time managing their investment portfolios.This app gives critical real-time information about the Indian and global markets through your Android device.And btw this app happens to come from the Netwrok-18 stable

6.IndRail Indian Railway App

For all those travelers out there,this app is a great boon.It gives real time information about seat availability,PNR status,Train routes information,etc

7.F2S Free SMS India:

 Worried about SMS Tariffs? Worried about SMS limits and restrictions?And this is “THE” app for you.Something similar to way-2-sms on the net.


Just Dial is your one-stop source of information.It gives you information about almost everything,like the address of your nearest gym and its contact details,nearest coaching centre,grocery store.You name it ..its there


Zomato Restaurant Finder app lets you search menus across 30,000 restaurants in India. Spanning 10 cities  Delhi NCR, Mumbai, Bangalore, Kolkata, Pune, Chennai, Hyderabad, Jaipur, Ahmedabad & Chandigarh

10.Google Maps:

And last but not least,is google maps.This is one app,that is gonna help you out,not just in India,but elsewhere too when your lost and need to find your way across the streets.But traffic update isn’t available in India yet.This happens to bit a slight dampener.

MIB3 review

MIB3…is one of those films from the by-gone era.:X.Im not sure if a sequel to mib-2 need have happened.Anyways happened to catch up with a paid premier of MIB3 at one of the swanky chennai Multiplexes.I’m not a great fan of the MIB franchise,who kicked me abt the film was Will Smith.Will Smith is sorta like the Rajinikanth of Hollywood.I mean both of them ooze style.But i guess Will Smith will never be able to generate the mass hysteria that Rajinikanth does.

Anyways back to the movie.The film like other films in the franchise revolves around agents K (Tommy Lee Jones) and J (Will Smith).The film begins with the prison break of an alien named Boris,who grabs hold of a time-machine to go back into the past to 1969,when he was captured by K.Cut back to the present where K and J are on his trail.But Boris’s jump into the past changes the present.Agent J wakes up to find that apart from him everyone else seems to have forgotten about K,and what remains of him is a bust at headquarters, marking his death in the line of duty battling Boris in 1969.Now agent J needs to travel back in time,to change the presentHmm…il agree the film has got a solid plot,and is definitely not as lame as MIB2.

Now what works for the film is intriguing storyline and the performances of the lead stars.Will smith after a sabbatical is back,and strikes great form.He is amply supported by the casting of Josh Brolin as the young Agent K and  Emma Thompson(Agent O), whose  funny  at times.And the CG work in the film is a real bonus.MIB3 is one of those good sci-fi films,that ud recommend.But one of the few negatives i spotted in the movie were…its comic sequences don’t work with the audiences on a few occasions.In few instances its lame.

+ves:Storyline,Will Smith,Josh Brolin

-ves:cheesy graphics,lame sequences that don’t work at times


Decoding The Modi phenomenon

controversy’s favorite child

So what if the U.S. denies him VISA?!so what if Hillary Clinton says that their foreign policy would not be amended even if he happens to take up the top job(err…i doubt them sticking to their stand though?!What if there is still a clout of suspicion around him post Godra?!
He is by far the most popular politician in the current scenario and the most controversial aswell.
Controversyand Popularity are strange bed-pals.

So has NARENDRA BHAI MODI(as he is fondly called) got it in him to take up the mantle and be the touch bearer for India’s success story?!Yessss …
say many.Going by the track record of Gujarat over the past years,it seems he certainly got it in him to become a PM..But just coz he can become the PM,should he become one?!Thats a question that will take a long time to answer.Many politician including the NDA’s own Nitish kumar are a bit apprehensive about Modi.Their apprehension stems from the fact that by seeming to support Modi they might lose out on the vital Muslim vote.Petty politics i say.

A man from humble beginnings is now the Chief Minister of one of the largest states in the country.Many wrote him off when he first took oath.But since then he has come a long way.When many states are having a hard time,managing their economy Modi has lead by example.His has state of Gujarat has double digit GDP growth,which is great by any standards.And Gujarat has been attracting investment from outside in plenty.Case in point by being the TATA NANO plant deal,or the recent one with HONDA.And for thoe who say that communal harmony and law and order are a question mark as far as he is concerned,the stats beg to differ.GUJARAT HAS HAD THE FEWEST NUMBER OF COMMUNAL RIOTS POST 2001(wonder what Teesta would say to that).And what else differentiates him from the rest?!He is one of the very few politicians who isnt Media shy and has always stood in the forefront of embracing technology,with he being one of the most popular celebrities on Twitter.

SO should he take up the mantle?!Yesssssssssss ..would be the reply of most Indians.For those who say NO…they would do well to remind themselves that if not Modi,they would have to suffer from  the reigns of the “spoil brat” Rahul baba :P..The recent SIT’s closure report if further testimony to the fact that he hasn’t done any wrong,so should take up the top post.

Leaving you with a cult you-tube video of Modi